Mindy Van Andel

Everyone always asks any child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For as long as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to be in the people helping profession. In high school I decided I wanted to become a counselor to come alongside others and guide them to a better life for themselves. As I finished graduate school and received my Master’s degree in Social Work and locked in my first “grown up” job, I thought I had arrived. I was going to live the American dream.

While working my first social work job, I met a man who would become my husband. Rodney was just finishing medical school at the time and boy, did I think we would have it made! After we got married, we thought we would be living a life that few could have. We both loved our professions and he would eventually be a rich doctor, right? WRONG! We lived on his residency salary and stocked my social worker salary away in savings because we knew that eventually we would start a family and I would stay home.

As our family began and Rodney moved into being a private practice family and sports medicine doctor, we quickly realized that the REAL American dream and what we THOUGHT the American dream was were not the same. The real American dream was super long hours at work for Rodney, being on call 24/7, barely making ends meet, lots of debt, I won’t even talk about malpractice insurance or the overhead of a private medical practice and the high stress. Rodney is an amazing doctor but we never got to see him. I was having some health issues that didn’t have answers and being alone most of the time with our three very young children was tough. This is not the life we signed up for.

We made the decision to close the practice, move to East Texas and take a job with a large health system. He was still working a ton of hours but at least we were out from under the stress of a private medical practice.

Shortly after our move to East Texas, my skeptic self was introduced to this crazy wrap thing. I had ALWAYS struggled with weight issues so when I was told about this wrap, I was certain my friend had gotten sucked into a scam. I reluctantly (and secretly, and by secretly, I mean, literally hid in my closet) tried the skinny wrap and it changed my life! I started researching like a mad woman all about the ingredients of these all natural products as well as the company and realized that I had stumbled upon my “once in a lifetime chance”. I started learning everything I could about Network Marketing, this business opportunity and the products. I dove in and went for it. My team and paycheck grew quickly and so did my confidence in myself, being a leader, in these amazing products and this fabulous company.

We are having the time of our lives paying off our debt (medical school loan and the remaining amount on our mortgage) fast, giving to our favorite charities, helping others in need and dreaming as a family bigger dreams than we ever thought possible. I love that this opportunity has stretched me to be a better person, wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and leader; but it is also teaching my family and team to do the same.

As I look back over my journey so far, I have to pinch myself and ask if this is real? In the last year my It Works annual income tripled my largest annual income as a master level social worker. I am living out my passion to help others live their best life, improve their health and wealth and help them redefine their wildest dreams. This life has surpassed everything I could have dreamed for myself, my family and the legacy I am leaving behind.

Are you ready to own your own time and improve you health and wealth? I am ready to inspire, coach, model and work with you to help you achieve your goals. Contact me today and let’s transform your life together.

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